CTE Rally 2015

CTE department members from across the Randolph County School System gathered Monday, August 17 for a CTE Rally to start the year. The group supported area businesses throughout the day and reflected on the theme “Proud of our past…thrilled by our future.”


The opening session was held at Sunset Theatre and featured school updates and a focus on the year’s three initiatives for CTE improvements. The first initiative will center on students having increased opportunities to access college classes while in high school. Last year saw 185 students at traditional high schools take college courses. Those students experienced a 79% success rate (grades earned of C or higher). That surpasses the success rate of traditional college attenders which is 75%. Additional opportunities translate to savings in college tuition for our students and an increase in college-readiness as those served will be directly supported in the improvement of their college-going skills. The second initiative will be to increase work-based learning (WBL) opportunities for students across the county. WBL activities help students make better career choices, connect the classroom curriculum to the real-world, and increase student marketability. Finally, schools will focus on increasing the number of credentials earned and increasing the number of completers (students who take 4 courses from a career cluster – one being a level two course). Increases in these two areas translate to higher wages, program validity, and greater employability for our graduates.

The participants then walked to The Flying Pig and enjoyed a working lunch. Teachers networked with their colleagues from across the county and completed an evaluation for their Career Development Coordinators (CDCs) to use as they work to better serve the needs of teachers in their high schools and middle schools.




The afternoon event moved to The Randolph County Senior Adult Center where classrooms were used to host breakout sessions on topics such as Technology, Classroom Management, Relationship Building, and Career and Technical Student Organizations. RCSS CTE teachers and CDCs presented these sessions. Additionally, sessions in Community Partnerships and Industry Expectations were offered with guest presenters.


0817151535a 0817151259c

We are excited about the coming year in Career and Technical Education!


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